Artistic Research Residency 2023-24

Artistic Research Residency Podcast Series

This 9-part podcast series brings together the experiences of resident researchers and our guest speakers, including architects, designers, scholars, and activists from across the globe and Karachi to discuss novel interfaces for human and nonhuman interactions developed during the residency. Together, the podcast guests look back at the residents’ research and creative encounters through playful forms of participatory behaviors and engagement strategies.

In each episode, residency curator Taqi Shaheen, along with artistic director Usman Haque and design advisor Ling Tan, discuss legal, cultural, social, and political frameworks for human and non-human interactions with the resident artists and guest speakers through the lens of innovative projects developed during the residency. 

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EP 01 | Collateral Damage

In this episode, resident artist Arsalan Nasir shares his project, Collateral Damage, and explores the relationship between humans and non-humans using plants as game controllers in conflict situations. Joining in conversation are senior architect and researcher Arif Hasan, and lawyer and activist Abira Ashfaq on participatory governance, the destruction of Karachi’s last surviving river and indigenous communities of Malir, and forced evictions of farmers.

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EP 02| Novel Pedagogies

In this episode, resident artist Suneela Ahmed discusses her project to explore participatory engagement models through a series of workshops with the children of Salehabad, an indigenous fishing community near Karachi. Joining in conversation are artist and curator, Noorjehan Bilgrami and environmental scholar, Dr. Shahid Amjad converse on the urgency of educational tools in reconnecting with coastal communities and their natural surroundings.

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EP 03 | Extinction

In this episode, resident artists Afreen Seher and Vajdaan Shah share their experiences of stepping into the roles of birds, dogs, trees, and goats and how they immerse themselves in public spaces across Karachi to explore the complex bond between humans and non-human experiences. Joining in conversation are scholars Dr. Shahida Wizarat and gardener, Tofiq Pasha Mooraj reflect on the politics of consumption and food production.

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EP 04 | Khayali Karachi

In this episode, resident artists Anita Zehra and Shabbir Mohammed discuss how the act of wonder transforms our interactions with the non-human world around us. Khayali Karachi toolkit, developed during the residency, invites us to reimagine our relationship with the city, other non-human species, and each other. Joining the conversation, filmmaker and co-founder of PAWS, Maher Omar, and founder of Clifton Urban Forest, Shahzad Qureshi discuss ecological tidiness disorder and creating welcoming environments for humans and non-humans. 

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EP 05 | Immersive Storytelling

In this episodes, An-Ting joins us to share her life experiences as a theatre artist and composer. She discusses her immersive storytelling projects around human and human-interaction where  she weaves diverse encounters into her creations, blending music with other art forms to delve into the depths of the human experience. 

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EP 06 | Multispecies Justice

In this episode, Hira Sheikh and Marcus Foth join us to discuss their ongoing research on smart urban governance, and the politics and complexities of justice for other species at More-Human-Futures research group at the Queensland University of Technology. 

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EP 07 | Decolonial Ecologies

In this episode, Léopold Lambert, the editor-in-chief of The Funambulist, joins us to discuss the conception, creation, and impact of Funambulist magazine and his work around political struggles against colonial ecocides and toxic atmospheres— in particular, the violence imposed onto indigenous tribes and non-human living beings. 

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EP 08 | Moral Disengagement

As part of our guest session series, in this episode we are joined by Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino who is an author, consultant and entrepreneur with a background in design. She discusses moral disengagement of design sector, and how creative professionals can integrate climate change knowledge in their practice.

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EP 09 | Rewilding Karachi

In this episodes,Mahera Omar, filmmaker and co-founder of PAWS, discusses a shift in perspective towards ecological tidiness disorder, emphasizing the benefits of leaving natural elements undisturbed for both humans and non-humans and welcoming environments for diverse species. 

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